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My Healing Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

At My Healing Nutrition, we believe that healing begins with the food we put into our bodies. Nutrition may not be the only solution depending upon your particular condition or health goals; but it most certainly plays a vital role in the physical healing process.

Most of us have a general idea of what foods are considered healthy, but beyond this basic knowledge exists discovering what foods are best and worst for YOUR individual body and condition. I have worked with individuals who wanted to adopt a Paleo diet, only to discover that they reacted poorly to coconut oil and that the increase in nuts and histamine foods increased their seasonal allergies or skin condition.

Perhaps you have spoken to a doctor who has advised you to begin a low-FODMAP diet, to eat Paleo, to try Whole 30, to not eat nightshades, to decrease your blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure or adopt an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition. However, when you get home, you are overwhelmed by the information overload in books and on the internet and don’t know where to begin or how to stay on track, be held accountable or permanently change unhealthful eating habits.

It is my mission to help individuals meet their nutrition and health goals by providing one-on-one, personalized guidance and support.

If this speaks to you, I encourage you to set-up a health consultation today!

Testimonial from Julia:
“In an attempt to resolve the extreme fatigue and brain fog my daughter had been dealing with for over four years, she was instructed to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. The list of restrictions was long and overwhelming, and after struggling for a little while, we reached out to Deanna for help. Her encouragement helped us get through the first few difficult weeks, and she offered tips that helped me find things my daughter actually could eat (as compared to focusing on what she couldn’t eat). Her support was invaluable to us as we navigated this new strategy – and the best news is that it worked, and my daughter is doing much better!”