I am a certified Health Coach. I received my Bachelors of Science from Cornell University and my health coach training and certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor who helps individuals meet their health goals and feel their best through food and lifestyle changes and personalized, one-on-one support and encouragement. I decided to pursue a career in Health Coaching versus a registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist because of my own poor experience with a nutritionist when I was young. After developing a negative relationship with food, I was shown a chart of calcium sources and told to eat yogurt, when what I needed was help addressing my negative relationship with food and to learn how to eat a healthy, nutritious diet for my individual body and energy needs. In response to that experience, I decided that I wanted to help people with regard to nutrition and wellness, by first listening to them, understanding their relationship with food and personal goals and then offering them support in their real-life daily health and nutrition struggles.

As a health coach, I help you, as an individual, better listen to and respect your body to meet your health goals. My focus is to listen to you, support you and provide you with tools and resources to help keep you on your path to healthier living. Whether you are struggling to adopt an Autoimmune Paleo diet, a low-FODMAP diet for digestion issues, try a Whole 30, to have more energy or sleep better, or deal with inflammation and allergies, I have worked through all of these dietary theories with individuals and seen lasting, real results. I don’t believe that one specific way of eating is correct for everyone, though I do base my advice on real, non-processed, anti-inflammatory food. If necessary, we also look at other areas of your life to help you get balanced and well in order to better understand how our relationships and lifestyle effect our health.

I would love to schedule a one hour personal health consultation with you and see if I can help you on your journey to better health and wellness.

The only way to change your tomorrow, is to change what you are doing today…

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