Health Consultation

If you have been referred to my services by a doctor, friend or found your way here because you are ready to take control of your nutrition and develop new, sustainable healthy lifestyle habits, please schedule a one-on-one health consultation today!

Unlike many other nutrition counselors and programs, I do not lock clients into a 3 or 6 month program. You have the power and freedom to determine how much help you need to get started and define what success means to you. Prior to setting up a health protocol, it is important that we discuss your health history and health goals during a one hour consultation. At that appointment, I will help identify steps you can take to meet your goals as well as provide you with resources to support your journey.

It is my mission as a health coach to help you learn how to stop negative patterns, to help you cipher through the pages and pages of confusing nutrition advice, and find what works for you. You are a unique individual and you come to the table with a unique life experience. That is a lot to work through, it is a lot to figure out and it is my goal to listen to you, learn about you and help you achieve your health goals.

I am here to be that support, that guide, that mentor to help you on this very important journey.

I am not a medical doctor nor a licensed clinical nutritionist or dietician. If you feel that you need that type of care, please reach out to your family physician or internist.

I am excited to begin working with you and help you feel better and meet your health goals! Once you have made an appointment, I will send you the necessary forms to begin our work together.

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